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Body Butter 3.5 oz


Get ready to glow with CocoCanna Hemp oil body butter. Inside this chic golden jar lies the secret to supple, hydrated, glowing skin.  The perfect combo of ingredients (including organic virgin coconut oil and 400 mg of broad spectrum CBD that is triple lab tested) is a match made in skincare heaven. The surplus of fatty acids in coconut oil facilitates a stronger binding agent for cannabinoids. With Hemp oil, your skin is better equipped to regulate oil secretion, decrease signs of aging and improve overall skin clarity. This multi-purpose body butter can be used anywhere from head to toes and on all skin types. It can also be used in place of a moisturizer or alongside your traditional products. The body butter is nourishing and moisturizing and melts seamlessly into your skin leaving you with a lit from within glow!
Apply all over, butter melts into skin to nurture, heal and hydrate.
90% of people saw an improvement in their acne
80% of people saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
95% of people saw an improvement with their skin condition
99% of people reported instant supple, glowing skin
*test study based on 30 real consumers
Ingredients: Coconut oil + 400mg Hemp Extract
Directions: Use CocoCanna for just about anything. Some of our customers favorites are; as a body butter, cuticle oil, before a night out in heels, bug bite/sunburn relief, anti-aging face mask, restorative hair mask for damaged and dry hair, muscle pain relief, topical inflammation relief and many more!
3.5 oz, 104 mL