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"I am obsessed! I use CocoCanna every night on any sore or tired muscles and wake up feeling so much better. I also use it as a night time moisturizer.. with the winter coming, this will be great to beat the dry heat. Thanks again CocoCanna, this is the best!"

-Nicole Wichinsky, East Brunswick, New Jersey


"Great for skin moisturizer absorbs into the pores love the product"

- Bruce Gordon, Dix Hills, New York 


"I use it on everything! After shower moisturizer to lock in moisture , facial lotion to reduce redness, bug bite remedy to reduce redness and itching (my 1 year son and myself), relieve muscle aches and tension, cuticle treatment, hair treatment. I love it!" 

- Paige Greene, Minneapolis, Minnesota 


"I got introduced to Cococanna hemp coconut oil a few months back and have since used it for almost anything you can think of. It's been helpful to use for massage with cramps, make up remover, in the tub--and to get weirder, my dog who suffers mild seizures and I occasionally give dog friendly (don't come for me) hemp extract oil  ran out and I poured some on his foo, not only did it help as usual he now finds anywhere it is and attempts to eat it all. Also, I oil pull daily, and have used it a couple times for this-I think other than usual oil pulling benefits it also helps with frequent jaw pain I have because I hold a lot of stress there! I try to stick with regular coco oil for oil pulling though because this stuff is too good to waste or um, spit out for lack of better words.

Also! on behalf of the company mine has worked with both Anna, and Cococanna and they are a genuinely caring, invested and positive team to work with, i have multiple clients who have given me these comments!


- Lauren Smith, Los Angeles, California 


"Cleared my Acne and eczema. Best stuff ever."

- Murray Gordon, Bellmore, New York 


"I love the Cocoanna oil. I use it all over my skin. I use it on my face before bed and love to use it on my legs and arms. Brings my skin back to life!"

- Laurie Sawatzke, Elk River, Minnesota 

"Been giving my grandpa hemp extract coconut oil from Cococanna ! He is much more talkative after this brain boosting superfood #alzheimersawareness"
- Chelsea Pereira, Beverly Hills, California 


"I've been using Cococanna post back surgery to help with pain relief. Super concentrated 400 milligrams of hemp extract + Vegan coconut oil means I feel better and my skin looks good! 

- Satya Linak, Los Angeles, California