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There are many ways to use CocoCanna Body Butter, check out a few of our customer's favorite ways to use it below:

    • As a body butter! Super nourishing Hemp extract combined with coconut oil is sure to help with any inflammation or aches and pains throughout the day.
    • As a hair mask! Apply to softly damp hair and leave on for as long as desired. Hemp extract has been shown to help strengthen and condition the hair with tons of nourishing fatty acids. 
    • As an under eye de-puffer! Ordered from your Chinese spot last night or had one too many glasses of wine? Apply CocoCanna underneath the eye for 3-5 minutes as a mini eye-mask to reduce any redness, or under eye puffiness. 
    • Post Work Out! One of the best known uses for CBD is post-workout. Why? It's an excellent defense against inflammation, helping to subdue the most nagging aches and pains.