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The Skin Cure Candle


Have you ever wished your candle was also a cashmere sweater?

Well, this one is. Kind of.

Wrap yourself in our restorative cocoon. Feel the fluttering coco butter kiss that is CocoCanna's Skin CURE Candle, infused with CBD and botanical oils in creamy coconut wax. Create a soothing remedy with peace of body and mind. Artfully handpoured by Flores Lane in West Hollywood, CA. Makes perfect scents. 


Make self-care lit with this multi-purpose skin CURE candle. Light candle, allow wax to melt to the edges of the jar. Spoon into hand & apply to the skin. We recommend it be used for rituals, a massage oil, moisturizer, and/or as a pain salve. 


Organic Virgin Coconut Wax, Hemp Extract (400 mg) Botanical Extracts: Vetiver.

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