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Strange Tips for a Wildly Successful Monday

Can you imagine what it would be like if you didn't dread Monday's? Didn't have the Sunday night blues? And lived each week with a little more intention?

Here are our top 3, "Strange Tips for a Wildly Successful Monday":

1. Take a Cold Shower

This practice just might be crazier than it sounds, cold showers can do wonders for you, inside and out. Cold showers have been shown to boost the immune system, increase circulation, stimulate weight loss and even help fight depression!

2. Don't Give Monday So Much Power

At the end of the day, that's just what Monday is, another day. Do something weekend-ish today. Grab happy hour with a friend, go to the movies after work; break the Monday stigma.

3. Believing what you want instead of what other people tell you.

Let's be honest, most beliefs people hold about others are not based on fact and not true whatsoever. Create your own narrative, don't live by someone else's. When you take control of your mind, you take control of your life. 



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