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7 Tips To Routine During Quarantine


Quarantine week one was cute, productivity overload with a side of self care. Week two had us sitting straight up in our chairs (let’s be real-beds) with numbers rising to an all time high globally and furloughs happening to most of our close friends and fam, it felt like a really long, horrible movie. Week three has WFH vibes written all over it, is this our new norm and if so, how do we create some semblance of structure so all these funny Britney memes don’t actually become our reality? Read below for our top tips on keeping structure + sanity:

1. MAKE YOUR BED. Mental Health professionals recommend using your bedroom for two things exclusively: sex and sleep. Create boundaries for yourself. Once you're up, make your bed and then let it be until bedtime. Even if you’re in a studio apartment, try to resist sitting on your bed throughout the day.
2. MOVE YOUR BODY. No more excuses. Whether it’s 5 minutes of swaying your arms back and forth or an hour of intense cardio, getting exercise is imperative to mental health. Create a fitness goal like committing to 30 days of yoga via YouTube or walking a mile a day. This will release endorphins and get some much needed fresh oxygen to the brain since we’ve all been cooped up in our homes.
3. TAKE A SHOWER. But here’s the kicker, actually do your hair and prep your skin for the day once you’re out. You don’t have to apply heat to hair or do anything fancy, and no make-up necessary. Just throw some beach wave spray in it or try that braid you've been wanting to master, apply a little SPF, slather yourself with some CocoCanna body butter, and be on our merry way, it’s a little reminder to remember how beautiful you are and to take a moment for self-care.
4. GET DRESSED. This doesn’t mean we are anti-sweats by any stretch of the imagination, we’re currently writing this in sweats. However, changing your clothes is imperative to feeling fresh and fully able to tackle the newness of another day and break up the monotony. Try swapping out your sweats for your yoga pants for the day, remember those bad-ass thighs you worked so hard for in hot yoga-damnnn!
5. DO SOMETHING EXTRA-HEALTHY. For two reasons. Firstly, to heighten your immune system during this high risk time. And secondly, to incorporate something new into your routine. Oftentimes the thought of living a total wellness lifestyle is really daunting, but in actuality it’s just learning one skill at a time and building on those foundation blocks. Learn to make your favorite $10 green smoothie at home or learn to cook yourself a new healthy breakfast recipe.
6. VERBAL AFFIRMATIONS. AKA verbal words of kindness to you from you, in your mirror, solo. I.E., I am blessed, I am grateful, I can do anything. Repeat 3x. People say they don’t have time for this, but the ones who do say it’s totally changed their lives. You be the judge. 
7. MAKE A SCHEDULE. You’ve tidied your room, self-loved, ate clean-what's next... it’s time to sit down and make a goal-oriented schedule. Start with one goal, it could take a day to accomplish, a week, or maybe even a year or five. Then make a list of everything you need to do to accomplish that goal. It doesn't matter if it's 100% accurate right now, as long as you create a plan and have a direction, the kinks will work themselves out. Once you've made your list, and created your plan, you can now implement this goal into your routine how you see fit, adjusting as you go. Check back every day to keep yourself on track and to keep yourself accountable.
Let us know how you do and how we can support you! We love hearing from you :)

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