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3 Reasons Why you should never travel without CocoCanna Again



CocoCanna has been shown to relieve inflammation.


There's so many anxiety inducing elements when travelling it's easy to overlook our complexion. In actuality, travelling is a rather oppressive experience for our skin. Our skin is most comfortable in 40-70% humidity where as the humidity you experience on a plane is about 20% leaving your skin wanting more hydration the entire time. 


During travel our skin experiences new pollutants and free radicals

So your skin not only is lacking hydration but with cabin altitude between 6,000 to 8,000 feet its the equivalent of what you might feel if you stood on top of a skyscraper. This means your skin is going to start overproducing our least favorite thing, "grease"... use CocoCanna as on oil cleanser when you get to your destination to combat the potential overproduction. 
Lastly, CocoCanna is travel size, why not


 Overall, we know most of our customers are on the go and we wanted to make sure you would have one less thing to worry about when travelling! Keep in mind, CocoCanna is a vegan product so be mindful when travelling to hot temps! And head to the shop to grab yours now. 

Safe travels beauties!





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