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Why cruelty-free is absolutely the way to be...

When taking care of your skin, you've got a choice to make before you even purchase your product.  That choice is based on what you're going to support in terms of the brands that you buy and the companies that you follow.  It's always a good idea to know what's hidden in the closet of a company so that you know what you're supporting. A big issue right now is the idea of cruelty free skincare.  Why should this be something that you make a priority when you're looking for clean skincare options?

 “Cruelty free” means no testing on animals:

The basics of this is that cruelty free products are those that have not been tested – at any part in their creation – on animals.  There have been many variations on the cruelty free movement in the world of cosmetics, and as more and more people support it, serious momentum is being made in saying no to animal testing on a larger scale.

Why testing on animals is wrong:

We've all seen those cruel ads online or on TV where caged animals with unspeakable horrors are crouched in the corner waiting for someone to save them.  While some may argue, the scene that you've seen before you is, in fact, a realistic one that displays the horrors that many cosmetics companies put into action to give the final product that you see on their shelves.

By enslaving animals such as mice, cats, dogs, rabbits and more, we are forcing them to be test subjects to make sure that the cosmetic that is on the shelf won't harm anyone and that it will give the effect intended such as reducing wrinkles or helping keep skin moist and rich.  Animals are used through rounds of testing including painful skin pricks, sleep deprivation and other inhumane practices that make most of us shudder just thinking about it. 

U.S. law allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged. No experiment, no matter how painful or trivial, is prohibited and pain killers are not required.

It's important to ask yourself this question when it comes to understanding animal cruelty and testing on animals: Is it right for countless animals to be tortured and die just for me to get the premium wrinkle reducer that I am paying for?

The products that come out of these tests:

The cosmetics and products that come out of these tests are rich with chemicals that will, sure, provide good results in the short term, but you are choosing a product that works due to the long list of hard-to-pronounce chemicals that make it so.  Is that worth inhumane treatment towards animals and potential risk to your health from ingesting chemicals over time? Is it worth your own to apply it to your skin everyday without really knowing the long-term results of it to your skin's health?

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Natural is better for a lot of reasons:

When you want clean skincare, why not skip the chemicals – and the animal torture – and go with something that is formed humanely with all-natural ingredients?  Our CBD coconut skincare line is the perfect example of a quality product that is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce and will give you stunning results that will actually be better for your skin than the ones made in a laboratory.  Clean skincare is better for you with its natural ingredients because...

  • It is designed to work with your body, not against it: Chemicals try to fight aging and other natural components to your skin.  Natural ingredients will work alongside it and hydrate your skin while being careful not to damage your skin in the process.  With natural products, you can skip a day or two, and your skin will look healthy and feel like, well skin. With chemical products, this is not the case.

  • It won't cause any side effects or long-term problems: Using the example of our CBD coconut skincare line, natural products like these ones won't give you any side effects like rashes or itchy spots.  You will simply enjoy healthy, glowing skin that will still look as good in ten years because you are lathering it in chemical salves like the big companies promote.

    • You can put funding into the right companies: Most importantly, by choosing natural skincare, you are helping fund and promote the right companies who have heard your concerns on animal testing and using natural ingredients.  This helps create a better future in skincare.

    Shop our 100% cruelty-free products here and know what you support! 




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