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Night Time Tips from the Pros


If your life is anything closely related to ours, it's easy to come home after a long day, make dinner, grab your favorite glass of wine, and thus, this undeniably, sleepy algorithim ensues, you drift off on the couch with your face softly smashed against the pillow. This is all good and great, but like everything else that's too good to be true in life, this too, will cost you something in return. Sleeping on linens that haven't been changed for more than seven days or have a lot of usage is a breeding ground for bacteria that contributes to acne and wrinkles. Think taking care of your skin isn't important after the sun sets? Look again, this is actually equally as important as AM skin care routines. 

Basically, what you need to know is during the day your skin protects itself from things environmentally such as pollution, sun exposure, and free radicals. We walk around who knows where, with who knows what in the air, and come home with who knows what on our face at night. Our skin acts like a sponge, absorbing everything. Going straight to the pillow or couch cushion sounds like skin sabotage to me and I promise your skin agrees.

At night, your skin goes into overdrive and starts cleaning up shop. If you're already washing your face at night and applying a proper night time regime for you skin type, touche. Rest up beautiful, for the rest of you, please stay up two more minutes and read below to see how you can wake up with even more beautiful, glowing skin every morning with a few simple steps...

1.Wash your face with mildly warm water. Extreme temperatures such as hot, steamy showers or hot water, can cause dilation of blood vessels and breakage of delicate tissue.

2. Apply a facial cleanser that's right for you. Never scrub or rub your face vigorously. Always gently rub your face with a soft circular motion for 2-3 minutes before washing product off your face. 

3. After washing your face, splash your face with cold water. This will help seal the pores which will help protect them after cleansing.

4. Apply a toner. This will also help close the pores, balance the pH in the skin, and help protect the skin leaving it fresh and soft. 

5. Apply a moisurizer ASAP! If you wait even a few minutes, the surface cells dehydrate and are actually harder to moisturize. 

Boom! And there you have it, beautiful, baby soft skin in just 5 minutes. Definitely worth it. Overall, your night time regime is just as important as your AM one, don't forget this! Night time is when skin does it's heavy lifting repairing, restoring, and regenerating.

Not sure what to use as a moisturizer? Try CocoCanna, it has everything your skin needs to recover from the day's stress. Coconut oil and Hemp Extract are extremely effective in repairing and hydrating, undoing all the day has done. 

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