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Why should you use a cleansing oil?

Finding the right cleanser for your beauty routine is tricky when you don't know what you're doing.  There is so much out there on the market that fighting through it all to a voice of reason is easier said than done.  That's why we're here to help you understand the questioning and confusing content around cleansing oil. Some experts say it's useless.  Some say it makes your skin worse. But more and more experts and “everyday people” are, in fact, saying it's the best thing that ever happened to them.  How do you possibly know which one to trust? By being realistic and understanding how it works.

What a cleansing oil does

The job of a cleansing oil is to help absorb a lot or most of the impurities and dirt and excess oil that collects on our skin throughout the course of a day.  When applying the oil, the skin will be free of those common problems and be cleaner when you head to bed, or start your day (whenever you apply your cleanser, normally).

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How it helps

A cleansing oil is a fantastic step to add into your face-washing ritual because it will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.  Since you are using a cleansing oil on your face to remove the grease and dirt and pore blockages, you can use less soap cleanser and even avoid using make-up remover all together.  It does so much work on its own to provide a quality clean that you may find that you can rely on a simple face cleanser with a cleansing oil and that's it. The option to streamline your beauty routine is a great plus.

As well, you're relying on natural products to help with your care and beauty routine.  This will work better with the skin and allow you to quite literally detox from the commercial options that rely on chemical bases and cost you an arm an a leg.  Affordable and better for your skin, cleansing oils can be the best option on the market for quality skincare for all sorts of reasons.

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What to trust

When you are on the hunt for the right product, there are all sorts of cleansing oils out there that can make it hard to figure out which one to trust.  When in doubt, you will find that a classic coconut oil is a great starting point. It's popular due to its mild scent, gentle cleansing, and that it won't aggravate your skin's natural oil production (or dry it out).

When you want to bump up the coconut to give you a little more natural power, try hemp extract that is infused within the coconut oil.  It has the added bonus of being anti-inflammatory and will attack those free radicals with a vengeance to keep your skin and pores clean, clear and feeling the best it can be.  This is the best option to find your way (gently) into the world of cleansing oils and all that it can offer your skin. If you have sensitive skin or you react poorly to other oils in the past, than this is also a great option to help you enjoy a mild but powerful cleansing oil.

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When washing your face and keeping it free from premature aging and darkening or weakening, a cleansing oil may just be the best helping hand that you can try to give yourself quality skin and healthier skin that will rival those chemical-laden, commercial options that they advertise on TV.  Get ahead of the game the right, safe way with a cleansing oil as part of your face-washing routine.

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