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8 Dermatologist Recommendations For Your Skin


The age-old trope, “Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin,” has valuable meaning to it, but it’s hard to live by this sentiment when you’re not so comfortable with your skin. The list of skin products is exhaustive—creams, soaps, exfoliants, even microdermabrasion— the things you can do to your skin are endless! In order to get the full scoop on what to do with your skin, we’ve consulted the skin gurus themselves. After finding out top dermatologist recommendations, here are 8 things you should consider when it comes to skincare:

  1. Here comes the sun

Pimples or wrinkles, one thing remains the same: Unprotected exposure to the sun is never good for your skin. Tanning without sunscreen is a recipe for premature aging and inflammation, especially for anyone who has sensitive skin. Not to mention, sunlight dries up your natural oil glands, which completely offsets your skin’s self-regulating capabilities. Swap your tanning oil for a bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen and reapply every hour or two. You’ll still get a golden glow eventually, but it won’t be at the expense of your beautiful skin. 

  1. Be on the lookout for big changes

Our bodies are attuned to changes—no matter what kind of change that may be. If you notice an extreme change in your skin, dermatologists recommend you try to think about any life changes you’ve experienced recently. It could be hard to spot, like stress, or something easier to pinpoint, like a new diet. Once you realize what’s changing your skin, it’ll be a period of trial-and-error to isolate the cause and get to the root of your problems. 

  1. Stop touching your face

Everyone will say “Don’t pick your face,” but dermatologists support that it goes way beyond just picking scabs and popping pimples; you have to completely keep your hands away from your face. According to doctors, excessively touching your face just pushes more bacteria deep into your skin. New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman recommends snapping a rubber band on your wrist any time you go to touch your face. It’s a reminder to stay away from your skin. How’s that for a slap on the wrist? 

  1. Some medications increase sensitivity to sun 

If you’re trying out a new medication, make sure you read up on it. Some medications make you more sensitive to the sun, meaning you will need to increase your SPF and reapply more frequently. Even if your sun sensitivity increases, you can still be protected! A few medications to look out for are Doxycycline, Retin-A cream, and blood pressure medications like HCTZ. 

  1. Befriend the skin doctor 

The dermatologist is there to help you. After all, dermatologists deal with the body’s largest organ, the skin. It’s important to go in for routine checkups to screen for skin cancer and make sure everything is healthy. On top of that, though, you can use this time to talk to your doctor about different skin regimens to make sure you’re doing what works best for you and your body. 

  1. Conquer your dry skin in the PM

Wake up, moisturize and attack the day? According to dermatologists, this isn’t the answer. Instead, try attacking your dry skin at night before going to bed. Dermatologists have found that it’s much easier to balance and moisturize your skin throughout the night while your body is regenerating. Then, when you wake up in the morning you can give your face a quick scrub, apply sunscreen, and be ready for your day. 

  1. Wipes don’t get the job done 

Face wipes are fast and effective at removing eye makeup, but dermatologists urge you to incorporate more into your skincare routine than just a cleansing cloth. These wipes don’t do a good job at thoroughly cleansing the pores, so you’re left with a topical look that is clean but an underground region of makeup-laden dermis. You still need to wash or exfoliate your face with an antibacterial soap—many dermatologists recommend doing this twice a day. 

  1. Handle with care

Be kind to your skin, and be kind to your body. After all, this is your home! When it comes to the body, every part of you co-exists with one another. Handle your skin with care, and listen to your body when you need a different routine. 

There are tons of beauty tips out there, so it’s easy to get caught up in the mix of tricks and hacks. At the end of the day, dermatologists are the ones who know best. They see all different types of skin on a daily basis, and they understand how your skin works. Make an effort to see your dermatologist, and in the meantime, try out a few of these recommendations to see how your skin can glow! 

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