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Interview with Amanda Kamm, New York Yogi + CBD Advocate

Amanda Jean Kamm has dedicated her life to fitness, movement, and helping others to restore and maintain their body’s natural rhythm and balance. Kamm is a 6 year veteran instructor with spin class innovators SoulCycle and is also a yoga teacher with over 500 hours of personal practice logged that and now teaches private clients around New York City. As a fitness and wellness professional in one of the most rapidly paced, stressful, and often environmentally inhospitable cities in the world, Kamm’s approach to her own wellness goes above and beyond that of the average New Yorker: It’s not just her passion -- it’s her livelihood. As such, Kamm constantly looks to the future when it comes to incorporating new products and tricks into her routine to help keep her body in a harmonious and balanced state. For Kamm, CocoCanna’s coconut oil and CBD combination has been a true game changer and has become an indispensable part of her recovery periods for reasons more than skin deep. We spoke with the restless movement maven during a rare pause in her day to get a wellness professional’s first hand perspective on why CocoCanna is potentially a recovery x-factor for anyone, but particularly those with an active lifestyle.

Someone in your profession undoubtedly sweats a lot. How do you go about keep your skin in-check?

Amanda Jean Kamm: When you use your body for work, you have a different relationship with it than most people. I have to look after my body on a cellular level first and foremost, before I even think about my image. Recovery is a major part of the job and I have to actively carve out time for recovery and muscle repair. A big part of optimizing my recovery time is finding ways to chill out and remove stress from the nervous system -- especially when teaching high intensity classes like those at SoulCycle 3 times a day!

That said, I do find CocoCanna is really great for the redness and inflammation that comes with all of that movement and sweat. I’ve found it really helps to keep the skin calm and it controls breakouts, especially on my chest and back, which used to be really tough with all the heat and toweling off contanstly.

CBD in an edible form is getting a lot of attention right now for its anti-anxiety benefits. Could you tell us about your experience with it in a topical form and how it factors into your recovery regimen?

AJK: My preference for a topical CBD -- and specifically why I like CocoCanna -- is that it works perfectly as part of a nighttime ritual. Being that it’s coconut oil-based, I’ve found that when I apply it after a shower at the end of the day, it really locks in moisture and the CBD along with it and I’ve found that doing it that way really helps with absorption. Applying topically at night before bed also allows your muscles to really capitalize on the anti-inflammatory benefits and nourishment CBD offers as they’re taking it in during a regenerative time when they’re primed for it in the first place. I truly feel a difference the next day compared to my recovery periods prior to finding CocoCanna. There is a caveat in that it’s something I’ve found only works with consistent usage -- it’s not like a magic savv for recovery that’s going work with a single application or used once in a while. But making it part of a daily routine has been a game changer for me.

As someone in an industry that houses a really wide range of clientele, have you encountered much skepticism when you regarding CBD as a recovery tool?

AJK: I think there’s an educational conversation that needs to come up with people that haven’t experienced topical CBD firsthand, or someone that still hasn’t seen past the unfortunate cannabis stigma. Even using the term “non-psychoactive” can go over people’s heads or overwhelm a bit. I really try to explain as simply as possible that it has all of the relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits without any kind of high. I personally haven’t come across a client that was outright opposed to trying a CBD product, and it’s been really nice to see that stigma around cannabis in general fading, and I hope it continues to. CBD works very similarly to an adaptogen in that neither alters your natural state, but rather they enhance what’s already there and allow your body to operate at its best. It’s just supporting the system that already exists by decreasing stress, rejuvenating cells, juicing joints, etc. CBD just oils the wheels that are already turning and help you to turn them a bit more efficiently.

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