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How does Hemp Oil work?


Out of all the benefits of Hemp Oil, it is most famous for it's anti-inflammatory power. Hemp oil has changed the game against almost all digestive issues, as well as many other medical conditions. It is now being viewed as the most effective anti-inflammatory option on the market, beating out conventional options such as Vitamin C and Omega 3 supplements.

Because hemp oil is such a powerful cannabinoid, it is very important to understand all of it's benefits so you can fully utilize it to your advantage.

Hemp oil interacts with our body upon consumption like any other cannabinoid, but what is interesting about hemp oil specifically is that it works differently to many of the other researched compounds of the plant, especially when it comes to the way it interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

The  Endocannabinoid system or (ECS), has control over regulating many of our bodily functions and ensuring that everything runs properly. The ECS releases natural cannabinoids that are imperative for a wide range of physiological things, from the way we process our thoughts to the physical pain we feel. Cannabinoids affect almost every part of who we are. 


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When hemp oil is consumed, it interacts with the ECS and prompts it to produce an increased number of natural cannabinoids. The benefits we see from doing this is our body is better able to self-heal and regulate various functions from regulating metabolism to fighting acne. Also, not only does hemp oil help produce self-healing cannabinoids, but it also interacts with our CB2 receptors, which oversee our entire immune system!

Overall, as time passes we are seeing more and more benefits of the power of Hemp Oil. We know it is immeasurably good for us, but thanks to modern technology we get to understand even more each day. 

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